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 Our company supports the fight for equality gender. Figura de Linguagem do believes in a world where the     empowerment of all girls and all women are not just words. Here we work under well defined and pretty simple   principles: NO RACISM! NO SEXISM! NO HOMOPHOBIA! We understand the publishing business as a political choice,   so we work hard for our books may reflect that feeling. If you want to visit us we are located in Porto Alegre, a   small and charming brazilian city. Show up! We always have coffee.  



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 If you are an author, you may send your stuff to





 If you are a literary agent looking for foreign rights and permissions, you can write directly to our executive-editor,   Luiz Mauricio Azevedo ( who controls the international rights of our brazilian   authors to USA, Chile, Australia, U.K, France, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, South Africa, Germany, Canada,   Argentina, Nigeria, Russia, Uruguai, Italy, Spain and China. 



 If you are a journalist trying to cover a great story on publishing market, please, send your questions directly to our CEO, Fernanda Bastos (